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NTC Training Center is committed to providing students with exemplary instruction designed to educate the whole student so that he/she may become a productive member of the community. Our instructional program is geared toward enabling all students to meet the challenges of the future with confidence and compassion. With these things in mind, we hold to our motto: “TRUST IN BUILDING PROFESSIONALS”


NTC Training Center aims to fulfill the following missions to support the vision:
Provide specialized certificate and diploma courses (in English).
Provide quality academic program with affordable tuition.
Provide the students with strong knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence for their continued development in the community, and nation.
Provide qualified trainers to create courses that are as effective as possible.
NTC Training Center aims to achieve the following goals:
Develop and update the academic programs and curriculum.
Establish partnerships with private, public and non-government organizations in the delivery of academic programs, especially in the areas of on-the-job training programs, internship, as well as in the advanced employment programs for graduates.
Achieve a student approval rating of 70% or higher.
Continue academic research and update training based on the research.
Establish affiliation with internally-recognized educational institutions
Corporate Philosophy
NTC Training Center, as part of NTC’s Group, will continue to be the place where students build up knowledge, skills, and abilities for their personal development and preparation for a successful life. As part of its corporate philosophy, the center will
Commit itself to total quality management (TQM) in the delivery of academic programs that will brings satisfaction to its customers (the students and the members of the academic community) and thereby serving as catalyst for NTC's success.
Employs pro-active, responsible, friendly and cooperative academicians, teachers, researchers, managers, and staff that will ensure success in their chosen endeavors, as well as in propagating the virtue of patience, honesty, reliability, and non-discrimination practices.
Serve as an agent change for the development and success of the Cambodian society and economy.
Guiding Value
NTC Training Center, as part of the NTC’s group, is committed to
providing excellent training courses related to teaching and learning English
sustaining excellent educational quality, with reasonable tuition, to ensure that the graduates possesses strong knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop  themselves, their community, and the whole nation.
building up professional competence of every graduate through one or more specialized skill;
making sure that graduates gain multi-cultural qualifications so that they can integrate themselves effectively and rapidly in this challenging world;
maintaining the highest international standards of ethics and quality in research, teaching, and administration ;
advancing the intellectual, cultural, economic, and social welfare of Cambodia;
working with other regional institute and organization to enrich intellectual discourse, educational quality and research activity in international community;
defending the academic freedom of all staff and students to engage in rational inquiry and public discourse without fear or favor; creating a diverse, harmonious, scholarly community committed to equity and merit as fundamental principles through which staff and students are encouraged and assisted to realize their full potential. 

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